What Can a Lumineers Dentist Do For You?

Are you embarrassed by chipped or worn teeth? Do you have teeth that are misshapen or broken? These issues can make you feel uncomfortable out in public and prevent you from smiling and having a good time. You may think you have no alternative if you have never heard about a lumineers dentist.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are one of the newest advances in dentistry. They are permanent enhancers for your teeth to make them look “brand new.” They are made from porcelain to look like your natural teeth and are designed to hide flaws that have occurred in your teeth.

lumineers dentist can bond them to the front of your teeth to cover up any areas that do not make you look your best. You won’t need to have anesthesia or shots to desensitize the area so that you can have the procedure done quickly and be on your way sooner.

Research has shown that lumineers can last for many years; you won’t need to have the process re-done any time soon. Another great benefit with lumineers is that they are so thin that no one will know that you have anything but your natural smile. This can make you feel more comfortable after the procedure.

Besides improving the look of your teeth, lumineers can also strengthen your teeth. This helps them last longer and prevents the loss of an entire tooth. Even if you’ve had previous work done such as a crown or bridge, you can still get lumineers. You may not realize this, but they also help straighten teeth instead of wearing braces. Since braces can be uncomfortable and too noticeable for adults to consider, talk to a professional about lumineers to see if they might help improve your smile.

Seeing a lumineers dentist is a great idea if you’ve recently had a chipped tooth; it’s important to get it taken care of before any more damage can occur. You can also use this procedure if you’ve begun to notice that your teeth have gotten worn over time to help them look like they once did.

Now, if you’ve had misshapen teeth your whole life, you will probably get some comments from people after the procedure like “You look ten years younger. What have you done?” You can choose to tell them about your visit to Stuart Dental Spa or sit quietly smiling and not say a word.

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