Transform Your Smile: How to Find a Lumineers Dentist

Lumineers have the ability to transform smiles and even restore confidence. A lack of confidence often results in people who have a stained or discolored tooth, cracks or even gaps between the teeth, and Lumineers have become the solution for a wide variety of tooth related issues.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are the latest breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry, making a dazzling smile within nearly everyone’s reach and have truly changed the way cosmetic dentistry is practiced.

Lumineers are unique in that they are ultra-thin and highly translucent as compared to traditional veneers, which are thicker and even require grinding down of the original tooth structure. The great thing about this breakthrough technology is that they are so thin that little or even no tooth reduction is required. They are so long-lasting and durable that they remain resilient for over 20 years.

No grinding down also means that the procedure is virtually pain-free, and doesn’t even require painful injections.

Lumineers can even take the place of traditional braces in some cases. If there isn’t a severe problem, they can be used to transform the shape of your teeth, making them straighter and more uniform, and also whiter.

How do you find the best dentist with the ability to transform your smile through Lumineers?

Your smile is one of the most important aspects of your appearance, and it’s crucial to find a Lumineers dentist who has experience in cosmetic dentistry and specifically with this procedure.

  • Experience and professionalism. If your current dentist does not have this type experience, ask if he or she knows a dentist who does. You’ll want a Lumineers dentist who has experience, and is professional as well as being someone you can afford, although quality is more important than finding whoever is willing do the procedure for the lowest cost.
  • Friendly and willing to answer your questions. Meet with thedentist, and make sure they are informative and able to answer any questions that you might have about the procedure. How many procedures have they performed? Is it possible to speak with current or former patients about their experience?
  • Ask for before and after photos, specifically of Lumineers. Look closely and be sure they don’t appear bulky; side view photos are especially helpful.
  • Does the dentist stand behind their work? What if there are issues after the procedure is done? Does the office offer flexible payment options?

By finding the best Lumineers dentist, you’ll be on your way to a transformed smile and a whole new air of confidence as well.

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