Tips to Make your Child Comfortable at the Dentist

Dr. Rita Medwid, of Stuart Dental Spa in Stuart, Florida knows the importance of a bright smile and healthy teeth. It is imperative that a dental routine begins at an early age, but children may have a fear of the dentist. A sedation dentist, such as Dr. Rita Medwid , can provide the necessary dental care your child needs with no stress or fuss.

Here are a few tips that you as a parent can use for helping make dental care less stressful. Set a tone for a lifetime of ease when it comes to your child’s teeth and maintenance.

No Drop Offs

  • You can drop your child off at a friend’s house, at the scout meeting, and for cheer practice, but please do not drop them off for a dentist appointment. Some children are truly afraid of the dentist. You need to be there for your child no matter how busy you are.

Reassure, and then Leave it to the Dentist

  • Calm and reassure your child and then leave it up to the professional to handle the situation. The dentist needs to build a rapport with your child, and interfering will compromise that important connection.

Praise Good Behavior

  • Tell your child when he or she is being big and strong. This reinforcement is an important tool in getting your child to be comfortable at the dentist’s office.

Note the Tone of the Dentist

  • Not all dentists are good with children, just like not all children are good with dentists. If the tone and behavior of your dentist is not conducive for children, then tell the dentist. Express your concerns away from the dentist; you do not want to undermine his or her authority.

Model Behavior

  • Some dentists will let you watch as they work on other patients. Not all dentists do this, but it is a good way to see your dentist in action. Before you take your child for the appointment, call and ask your dentist about this novel idea.

Sedation Dentistry

  • You may need a sedation dentist if your child melts down every time the dentist gets near him or her. Do not create a child who will fear the dentist for the rest of his life.

Explore and Understand General Anesthesia

  • Know what general anesthesia is, know when it is used, and ask your dentist questions if it ever appears that it will be used on your child. Knowledge is power, and you need to know what tools and techniques will be used on your child and why.
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