The Pros and Cons of Teeth Implants

In cases where a tooth or a number of teeth have been damaged beyond repair or are missing entirely, tooth or teeth implants can be a suitable and very viable option for replacing the missing teeth. The success rate of modern tooth implants is very high, owing to the titanium implants’ unique qualities. While you must consult with your dentist to be certain that an implant is best for you, it is a medical option with which many people have been very satisfied.

tooth implant is very simply a replacement structure set into the bone of the jaw that is used as an attachment point for another, false tooth. In some cases, a new hole is drilled into the jaw and a titanium screw is inserted and left to heal. Titanium, or a titanium alloy, is almost exclusively used due to the porous nature of the metal; the bone is able to heal quite handily around the screw, effectively creating a single structure. An attachment point is left above the bone of the jaw onto which another man-made tooth is either screwed or glued on.

Many injuries and ailments can necessitate a tooth implant. Chipped or cracked teeth, where the tooth itself is either split into two or more fragments or a fragment of the tooth is missing completely, are often pulled and replaced. Teeth that have to succumb to decay and are no longer sound or pose a risk of infection to the patient are also candidates for removal and replacement. Crowns and bridges perform well in these situations, but a tooth implant can be the best choice for replacing a missing tooth. Like bridges and crowns, teeth implants can be used to replace one or many teeth, depending on the patient’s needs.

While teeth implants provide many advantages, they are not without some costs to the patient. Chewing can often feel strange with an implant, as the now missing tooth root detected all sensations. The time required for healing from the initial implant surgery is six to eight weeks; a time period that is not inconsequential. If you feel that a tooth implant may be right for you, consult with your dentist and don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion. Implant surgery is not life-threatening but remains a major surgical procedure, and it must not be undertaken lightly. South Florida residents should contact Dr. Rita Medwid at the Dental Health Spa for a consultation with the best tooth implant dentist in the region. Consider it, as tooth implant surgery could dramatically improve your quality of life.

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