The Importance of Visiting the Best Dentist in Stuart for Regular Cleanings

A recent study found that gum disease and other dental problems increases the risk of becoming infected with oral human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted virus that is said to cause 40 to 80 percent of all throat cancers.

Health experts know that this is just another reason in a long list to take good care of your mouth and your teeth through regular exams and cleaning at the dentist; a healthy mouth means a lower risk of a wide range of disease and illness. Extensive research has found that the mouth can significantly affect the rest of the body. The bacteria that can build up on teeth make the gums more prone to infection; the immune system attacks the infection causing gums to become inflamed and inflammation can spread throughout the body causing all types of health issues.

For those who live in Southern Florida, visiting the best dentist in Stuart, like Dr. Rita Medwid, regularly can help prevent these problems and even improve overall health and well-being.

Regular teeth cleaning helps prevent gum disease which causes the inflammation; when bacteria are allowed to remain and inflammation continues the gum tissues can be damaged leading to more advanced stages of gum disease. As it progresses and plaque begins to move further down the root of the tooth, the supporting bone is destroyed. The tooth than starts to loosen and eventually, it falls out.

Regular dental exams, cleaning, brushing and flossing are all essential for keeping your teeth and for overall good health.

A visit to the best dentist in Stuart will also leave you with a smile that you can be proud of as regular teeth cleaning can remove those inevitable stains that can be caused by drinking tea, coffee and other beverages as well as certain foods. A whiter, brighter smile boosts confidence and also enhances well-being.

The best dentist in Stuart, found at Stuart Dental Health Spa, will also ensure that you have a pleasant experience to remove that dread that many people have at the thought of having their teeth worked on. Their warm, friendly staff combined with a stress-free, restful environment might even make you look forward to taking care of your oral health.

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