The Dangers of Teeth Whitening and What You Need to Know

Just about everyone wants to have whiter teeth. Maybe you’ve always wanted a beautiful white smile, your teeth have yellowed over time, or you’re not happy with the stains that have resulted from drinking soda, tea or coffee. Whatever the reason, you’re definitely not alone.

But if you’re considering teeth whitening in Stuart, there are some things you really need to know.

There are risks associated with teeth whitening, including damage to the roots of the teeth and tooth sensitivity. While there are cheap products aimed to whiten the teeth sold at grocery and drug stores, generally consisting of strips or paint-on applicators, not only are they usually not very effective, but they can lead to increased sensitivity or even gum burns.

It’s always best to go to your dentist for teeth whitening in Stuart as a professional may be able to predict if you’ll have problems or sensitivities to a particular procedure. The dentist may also be able to help alleviate sensitivity by recommending certain procedures as well as toothpastes that are designed to treat sensitive teeth. A dentist can also check for signs of root damage that can be caused by whitening treatments – and, treat that condition if it’s detected in time.

The good news for those who want teeth whitening in Stuart, is that there are a number of options available at your local dentist, including Dr. Rita Medwid, who offers Opalescence Whitening, Sapphire Whitening, and one of the latest options for whitening, KoR.

Opalescence is a fast and easy way to get a white smile, with long lasting results and minimal side effects, while Sapphire Whitening is an excellent option for those with sensitive teeth, using a desensitizing tooth shield to prevent sensitivity. Finally, KoR offers permanent results with minimal sensitivity.

With cheaper, store bought systems, not only will you need to continuously re-whiten your teeth, there may be harmful side effects. With professional whitening, your teeth will be brighter, they’ll stay bright, and your dentist will be there by your side to prevent potential problems.

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