The Best Dental Care in Stuart Florida

Very few people want to bond with their dentists, but they may want to reconsider after they learn about dental care in Stuart Florida that includes tooth bonding. If you like your smile and just want to fix a problem with one of your teeth, then the simple procedure called dental bonding can have your old tooth looking healthy in no time. Dental bonding has replaced more complicated and expensive dental treatments with a procedure that barely lasts an hour.

The best dental care in Stuart Florida considers dental bonding for a number of procedures. Dental bonding repairs decayed, chipped, and cracked teeth. The procedure also removes discoloration from teeth and closes the space between. Since our chewing habits change as we age, dental bonding can change teeth shape and enhance the enamel-coated protection. We also lose our gum lines as we age and dental bonding protects the exposed tooth areas caused by receding gums.

As one of the best dental care facilities in Stuart Florida, Dr. Rita Medwid’s Stuart Dental Spa provides the entire array of dental bonding services. You require little preparation for dental bonding, with anesthesia often not necessary to mitigate pain or reduce patient anxiety. Dr. Medwid’s dental spa promotes a soothing environment where patients relax during their dental bonding treatments. The professionals at this dental care facility in Stuart Florida use a shade guide to choose the composite resin that matches the color of your bonded tooth.

The bonding process begins when one of the dental professionals applies a conditioning liquid to roughen the surface of the treated teeth. Applying the liquid helps the bonding material stick to wet teeth surfaces. Resin is then applied, molded, and smoothed to the predetermined shape. A few minutes under an ultraviolet light hardens the bonding material. As the bonding material hardens, the dentist at Stuart Dental Spa continues to trim and shape it until the material matches the sheen on the rest of the teeth.

Dental bonding represents the easiest and least expensive cosmetic dental procedure. Bonding is not nearly as complex of a procedure as receiving veneers and crowns, since both procedures require customized tooth coverings that manufacturers must produce off site. Another benefit of dental bonding is that it removes less enamel than other tooth restoration procedures. Unless you have several teeth involved, you can expect to have your teeth bonded during a visit to Dr. Medwid’s office. It is difficult to find great dental care in Stuart Florida, but you cannot go wrong receiving dental bonding from the staff at Stuart Dental Spa.

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