The Advantages of Short Term Orthodontics

As an adult, you are probably looking for a way to improve your smile without the need to wear those uncomfortable braces. Many adults want to have straight teeth, but they hate the idea of wearing metal braces in their mouth for an extended period of time. New technology is now available called short term orthodontics, which makes it possible for you to have the smile that you desire. Here is a little more information in order to help you determine if this treatment is the right option for your orthodontic needs:

Shorter Treatment Times and Better Results

One of the biggest advantages to short term orthodontics is the fact that you won’t need to wear those unsightly metal braces for several years. Often, traditional orthodontic treatments involve two years or more that the braces need to be worn, and adults often feel uncomfortable about the braces for such a long time.

Instead, a better option to consider is known as Six Month Smiles, which is a unique treatment that helps to straighten your teeth within a short period of time. You will be phased through a period of different clear braces that will quickly and effectively move your teeth into a straight smile.

Where To Find Short Term Orthodontics

There aren’t many local dentists who offer short term orthodontics options for their patients, and Dr. Rita Medwid at Stuart Dental Spa is one of the few dentists in the area who can offer this type of service. In order to complete this procedure, specific licensing and training is needed, and Dr. Medwid is qualified to do it.

Adults who choose to have this treatment completed on their teeth are very happy with the finished result. They are able to have a beautiful, straight smile without disrupting their life for several years with metal braces. Instead, clear braces work to gently move the teeth into place, and the clear braces are less noticeable on your teeth.

If you want straighter teeth and fast results, contact Dr. Medwid at Stuart Dental Spa today. You can schedule a consultation to have your teeth examined, in order to determine if this type of orthodontics is the right choice for your mouth.

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