The Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening in Stuart

A beautiful smile with glistening white teeth is a great way to boost confidence. Research has shown that a smile you can be proud of leads to great success both professionally and socially. A recent study found that 65% of subjects who went on a job interview after having their teeth whitened were seen as more confident and professional; on a first date, 59% of these same participants were viewed as more outgoing following teeth whitening.

Many of us seek to get that whiter smile by turning to over the counter products to try and achieve it; in fact, Americans are said to spend about $1.4 billion every year on non-prescription teeth whitening products to bleach away stains caused by age, coffee, red wine, tea, cigarettes and other substances.

Unfortunately, these products are not regulated, and many are ineffective, which means that many consumers are just throwing their money away. Of those people seeking teeth whitening in Stuart, they would be much better off visiting Dr. Rita Medwid at the Stuart Dental Health Spa.

Another reason people are better off going to the dentist first is that teeth whitening in Stuart, or anywhere for that matter, must begin with a healthy mouth. If a patient hasn’t been to the dentist for a while, over the counter whitening products can cause excruciating pain in a cavity or other problem areas, and may not be effective at all.

Teeth whitening is not only more effective, but much safer when performed under dental supervision. Compared to professional strength whiteners, over-the-counter products require longer usage as well. The investment in professional teeth whitening in Stuart is always worth it; in the long run you may end up paying as much for the OTC products as you would at the dentist, with poorer results.

One of the options for teeth whitening at Stuart Dental Health Spa includes opalescence whitening which offers immediate results, unlike the over-the-counter options, making it a preferable choice for many patients. It reduces the discoloration of enamel, making the teeth whiter. Opalescence whitening is a safe procedure that also offers long lasting results.

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