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“Dr Medwid, tori Val, thank you all for taking such good care of me, you are all so wonderful and im not nervous to come to the dentist anymore! thank you very much”

“Dr. Medwid and her staff were extremely helpful and understanding. My problem was solved to my satisfaction completely.”
Harriett B.

“I started going to Dr Medwid shortly after moving here in 1986…Have no desire to go to another dentist… Dr Medwid and her staff are the best. Caring and respectful. Go the extra mile…That should tell it all.”
Barbara W.

“Dr Medwid and her staff are awesome. We have been using them for years and they are always professional, kind, and gentle with her patients. All the things ypu want in a great dentist. She really cares about her patients and it shows.”
Matthew T.

“Very kind ppl n polite.”
Martin B.

“Never thought I’d say I enjoyed visiting the dentist, but Dr. Medwid and her staff made my visit a pleasure. Dr. Medwid is gentle and thorough. She listened to me and took the time to explain things. A peaceful video of sea turtles and tropical fish on an underwater reef plays on a video screen while hygienist Debbie quickly and painlessly cleans your teeth. And no break-the-bank surprises at checkout. For this senior with no dental insurance, the bill was reasonable. So are estimates for future work. Looking forward to my next appointment.”
Sally S.

“Very nice staff and Dr. Medwid was extremely patient with my son’s emergency. Definitely recommend.”
Victoria P.

“I hate going to the dentist but this place is great. They ensure your comfort and are very pain free. I recommend them highly.”
Jon S.

“It was my first time at this office and I could not believe how beautiful it looks, I felt like I was in a 5 star spa. Dr. Medwid worked on my dental implants and did an excellent job. Highly recommended.”

“First, let me say that any dentist can do a crown, but not many can or want to put the time and/or effort into the art of cosmetic crowns. Here’s my story and you be the judge.

My teeth were terribly stained from taking tetracycline when I was a baby. I have gone all my life trying to cover the stains up. First, way back when, I had them bonded. Years later, after that started looking bad, I had them veneered. Again, after about 10 years that started looking terrible and the veneers started chipping and falling off.

So, I decided to have them crowned and call it a day, as the 2 crowns I already had were still going strong and looked the same many years later. I saved for a while to get these crowns and the day finally came. I went to my regular dentist, and after consulting with him I felt he would do a good job.

They were done! I was so excited, but immediately I noticed some dark areas in the crowns. I went back to my dentist and he said he did not see anything and that there was really nothing he could do about it. I was heartbroken. All these years and all this money and I still did not feel comfortable smiling.

This would never do! I would not settle for less than perfect after all that money. That is when I went to Dr. Medwid to consult with her. First off, her consultation was longer than the entire process with my other dentist. She went into great detail and also explained she could change the shape of my teeth somewhat, to follow my lip line. She showed me book after book of different smiles, looks, and shades. She said I wouldn’t leave until the temporary crowns would look exactly how I wanted the permanent ones to look. This shocked me as my temporary crowns that the other dentist put on were hideous, but I just thought that is how it goes with temporaries.

Dr. Medwid was so thorough in my consultation that I was sure she could give me the smile I had always wanted. The day came to redo my crowns and get my temporaries. I was astonished at the detail and attention that was taken for this. My other dentist just drilled and put the temporaries on and said see you in a few weeks. But this time, Dr. Medwid spent countless hours just making my temporaries perfect so the final crowns were perfect. I could compare it to a chef cooking a meal at McDonalds and a chef cooking a meal in a five-star restaurant. The process between the 2 dentists was literally that different!

So long story short, I now have my dream smile, and smile I do! All day long! Dr. Medwid and her team are wonderful, professional, attentive and caring people and I could not recommend them any higher! If you are looking for more than just an average crown, if you are looking for a fabulous smile, there is no one who will do it better!!!!”
– Anonymous

“I recently had to have two fillings done and I put it off as long as I could. I hate needles but Dr. Medwid was great. She made me feel way more comfortable than I usually do and to be honest, I didn’t even feel the needle. I would definitely recommend to family and friends.”
Margaret C.– Stuart, Fl.

“My wife and I have been coming to Dr. Medwid for years. I can’t imagine going to a different dentist.”
Kevin K. – Stuart, Fl.

“I have been seeing Dr. Medwid for regular cleanings every six months for 3 years now. I also recently had a teeth whitening procedure done (which was INCREDIBLE. Definitely recommend if you have coffee stained teeth like I did.) I can’t remember a single time I wasn’t greeted with a smile by her and her staff. Thanks Dr. Medwid!”
Jill G. – Palm City, Fl

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