Solution to Cosmetic Dentistry: ‘Snap On Smile’

While today’s cosmetic dentistry practices can fix just about any problem with your teeth, you might find the cost or duration of these procedures prohibitive. A Snap On Smile is one way to avoid the entire process and walk out of a dentist’s office with an affordable solution. Whether you don’t have the time or the patience to endure the list of procedures you would need to have a perfect smile, a Snap On Smile can solve all of your smile’s issues in just a few visits.

What is a Snap On Smile exactly? Functioning very much like a retainer, this perfect smile solution covers one or both levels of your teeth with an even, white, perfectly spaced hi-tech teeth covering. It can be taken out whenever you like or left in for eating, drinking and any other normal activities. While some people choose this option in between dental procedures, others consider it a permanent solution.

To consider why the Snap On Smile was invented, just check the price list of the cosmetic dental procedures you’ll need completed in order to attain the perfect smile. In many cases, it will involve bondingveneers, implants and extensive whitening. The process could tarry on for several weeks, incurring costs you might not be able to afford at the time. Choosing this snap-on solution allows you to get that Hollywood smile without spending all the money required. It’s a tradeoff that makes sense to many people.

Another reason why people can hesitate for the total smile overhaul of cosmetic dentistry is the pain involved in each procedure. If you are not comfortable with medication during dental procedures, you may be bothered when a dentist decides bonding or implants are necessary to recover your perfect smile. Even though the level of pain can be very low at modern dentist practices (check options like, it can still scare off patients unwilling to undergo sedation.

In many instances, the beauty and simplicity of a Snap On Smile will make this option attractive. Dentists performing the procedure only require two visits of you – both are brief and neither requires any type of drilling. The main function of the first visit is to get an impression of the teeth and decide on the color/shade you prefer for your smile. The second visit serves as the final fitting and troubleshooting before sending you off on your way. It’s the fast and affordable approach to a million dollar smile.

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