Snap-On Smile- Your Alternative to Dental Veneers

While veneers are a common option in cosmetic dentistry, they aren’t for everyone. Some patients prefer to avoid veneers altogether, while others simply want to know what they would look like before making the decision whether or not to purchase them. In either instance, Snap-On Smile can be an excellent solution. Fitting right over a patient’s natural teeth and offering excellent retention without the need for adhesive, Snap-On Smile is an excellent choice for virtually any smile.

There are many things that help make Snap-On Smile unique, including the fact that its retention is tooth borne. This veneers alternative is designed to be both strong and flexible, and better still, the teeth feel so natural that you won’t even know that they are there. They help ensure that your face maintains its natural jaw shape while working to improve the look and color of your smile. The process of getting Snap-On Smile takes only two appointments, and the difference that it can make is certainly one that you and everyone around you will notice.

If you are considering Snap-On Smile, contact Dr. Rita Medwid at Stuart Dental Spa today. You will find that the office is designed to provide a relaxing and spa-like environment where patients feel more like pampered guests than people receiving dental treatment. This helps to facilitate relaxation and can alleviate the anxiety that going to the dentist can create for many patients. At your first Snap-On Smile appointment, Dr. Medwid will start by creating a mold of your teeth and working with you to create the ideal shape for your new smile. You will also work to determine the shade that will be best for you.

Once your appliance is ready at the exclusive Snap-On Smile lab, Dr. Medwid will receive the appliance and bring you in for your final appointment. Here, you will be shown how to snap on the device using your own teeth to hold it in place like a retainer, ensuring that you are able to simply snap it into place and wear it home. While veneers might be an option for some, a Snap-On Smile can be a convenient and affordable alternative that is non-invasive and still offers a healthy and beautiful-looking smile!

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