Sleep Dentistry: The Answer to Your Fears of a Dentist Visit

If you’ve ever thought that you’d like to be asleep during your dentist visit only to wake up when it’s over, now with sleep dentistry, you can do just that. Many people suffer from dental phobia, and it can keep them from going to the dentist, sometimes for years with the result likely being an unhealthier mouth that needs more dental work than the patient would have had through regular dental care.

What is it exactly?

Sleep dentistry is a fairly new technique performed by specially trained professionals known as sedation dentists. It allows patients to feel safe and comfortable before sitting down in the dentist’s chair and wake up to find the entire procedure has been completed.

The patient can be put into a conscious sedative sleep state or an unconscious sedative sleep state with use of safe medication that has been used by dentists for years. This allows the patient the peace of mind knowing that they will be relaxed and without pain; ultimately experiencing a visit that is anxiety-free.

The best candidates

The best candidates for sleep dentistry are those with a fear of going to the dentist that has resulted in an avoidance of getting the necessary care they need. The first step to determine if you are a good candidate is to find a professional sedation dentist, such as Dr. Rita Medwid at Stuart Dental Spa, who will review your medical history and current medications.

If you are a good candidate for oral sedation the dentist will select an appropriate anti-anxiety or sedative drug for you to take at a pre-determined time before your appointment.

In addition to those with fear and/or anxiety, this technique can be helpful for other patients, including:

  • Patients with a severe gag reflex
  • Patients who need to have more dental work done in fewer visits
  • Patients with extensive treatment needs
  • Patients with physical limitations
  • Patients who are unable to receive the effects of local anesthesia

Times have changed

Many people have fears of the dentist that date back to childhood when more archaic dental methods may have been used. Today, there have been so many advances within the dental industry that allow patients to keep their mouth healthy without suffering through pain, there is no longer a need to be afraid.

Today’s dentists are able to use the latest innovations, such as sleep dentistry, to create a stress-free, painless experience.

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