Say Cheese and Smile With Teeth Whitening By The Stuart Dental Spa

Summer is the season when we try to slim down to fit inside of our tight swim suits. Summer also represents the season when we want to flash pearly white smiles to go along with our bronze, sun-drenched skin. You no longer have to hide behind discolored teeth when you make a trip to the beach. You should take the big plunge and whiten your teeth. Despite what the labels claim, toothpaste alone cannot rid you of the dull enamel that prevents you from beaming like the tropical sun.

The quickest way to whiten your teeth and restore your smile is to make an office visit to see your dentist. Bleaching does the best job of whitening your teeth because the dentist applies it directly on each tooth. Dentists use bleaching products with heat, special light, and/or a laser to enhance the bleaching process. You can see results in as little as a 30-minute appointment, but the results you get vary among dentists. You want a dentist who has developed a proven track record for whitening discolored teeth.

Teeth whitening at the Stuart Dental Spa goes well beyond the scope of ordinary dental care. Dr. Rita Medwid believes in the restoration of the mind, mouth, and smile connection by providing state-of-the-art dentistry in a soothing environment. The goal of teeth whitening Stuart is not to only restore your healthy smile, but also enhance the health of your mouth. Study after study indicates a direct correlation between unhealthy teeth and poor overall health. The Stuart Dental spa employs a teeth-whitening process that is the envy of other dental professionals

Substances such as tea, coffee, and tobacco contribute to the formation of discolored teeth. Medicines that possess fluoride can cause white enamel teeth surfaces to fade. If you face this problem, teeth whitening at Stuart Dental Spa involves a process called Opalescence Whitening a process that reduces enamel discoloration and minimizes tooth pain. Many in-office whitening visits result in tooth pain that can last for days. The results of Opalescence Whitening last as long as you follow the post-whitening dental instructions. Stuart Dental Spa has created a safe teeth-whitening procedure, with minimal risk of side effects.

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