No More Drilling at the Dentist Could Mean Easier Emergency Dentist Visits

When most people think of going to the dentist, it usually brings thoughts of pain, drilling and big metal tools. Fortunately, as the world becomes more technologically advanced with each passing year, dental visits have become a lot more comfortable and nearly pain-free. There is also a good chance that in the near future dental drilling could become a thing of the past. This type of modern treatment can also mean less stress on our teeth, prolonging their health with little disruption to their shape.

Hopefully, this new high-tech equipment will also downsize the time spent in the chair, making it more efficient for those who need an emergency dentist. There are a few different methods that could be in place at your local dentist office, including Dr. Rita Medwid’s in Stuart, Florida, in as little as three years.

Air Abrasion, for example, will allow patients to clean out a cavity by means of a forceful stream of air full of aluminum oxide particles. When these particles hit the affected area it will also destroy the decay in the tooth, which formerly would have to be drilled out. Some of the benefits of this technique include little or no pain, salvaging more of the damaged tooth, shorter appointments and no more loud noises.

Another method being introduced in the dentistry world is “electrically accelerated and enhanced remineralization“, which will be able to heal infected or rotting areas of the tooth before they reached an advanced stage of decay. The researchers who developed this technology have found that by replacing the minerals in teeth, they are able to self-heal and repair itself too. This kind of medicine is typically only something that you would see in a space-age movie setting, but we are finally moving forward to bring it into dental offices.

In addition to these two new approaches to replacing drilling, there are also many places that do work with lasers. All of these advancements are not only safer and healthier for patients, but will eventually make it easier to see an emergency dentist. Drilling is definitely on the way to being a thing of the past, and with more options of getting work done more efficiently and less painfully, it can make those dreaded dentists visits a more pleasant experience.

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