New Patient Specials a Perfect Opportunity to Find a Dentist You Can Trust

Finding a new dentist can be overwhelming. Whether you’re moving to Stuart, Florida, or just in need of a new provider, the process causes anxiety for many, particularly those who have fears about going to the dentist in the first place.

Some people even put off dental care if they don’t have a dentist they know and trust, which can cause problems with the teeth or mouth to become even worse.

Building a relationship with a good dentist in Stuart, Florida can be key to good oral health. But finding the right dentist for you, and your family members, involves a combination of factors, including compatibility as well as convenience, competence and cost.

Of course, competency is a must in order to ensure trust – the dentist should know the latest treatments and developments in the industry. By finding a dentist who is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry like Dr. Rita Medvid, you can be sure that they’ve met requirements for continuing education and are pledged to uphold the highest standards of ethics and patient care.

Your dentist in Stuart, Florida should also be in a location that’s convenient to your home or office, which will make it easier to keep those appointments. Consider compatibility too, for example, some dentists specialize in treating patients who are fearful of dental procedures, or just stepping into the office. Sedation dentists like Dr. Rita Medwid understand that dental phobia is a real condition, and are able to provide a painless, almost worry-free experience that allow patients to feel safe and more relaxed.

Cost is an important factor too, but there is more good news if you’re in need of a dentist in Stuart, Florida as Dr. Rita Medwid is currently offering specials on select dental services to new patients, ranging from $139 to $169. These specials include an exam, a cleaning, oral cancer screening and x-rays, and are available to the first 100 people who mention the offer. Also, make your life easier by filling out the new patient forms before you go into the office to speed up your visit.

All you have to do to get on the right path at building a relationship with a dentist you can trust is to call the office for an appointment today.

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