Keep your Teeth Healthy During the NFL Season

While it is a blessing to our eyes, the NFL is not exactly a blessing for our teeth. For many of us, when the NFL season comes around, it means it’s time for our teeth to face a multitude of unhealthy foods and drinks. Your favorite dentist in Stuart is here to help you make it through the season with a healthy smile.

Let’s see what types of drinks can influence your teeth:

Soda: Soda is the number one drink that can harm your teeth, not only harm our oral health but also many parts of our body. If you really want to drink soda, try to choose sugar free soda to reduce the damage upon your teeth.

Alcohol: Alcohol is often present during game day. It would be wise to avoid alcohol for many reasons, one of which includes oral health. Most alcoholic beverages include sugar, salt, and other ingredients detrimental to teeth.

Coffee: A lot of people depend on coffee in the mornings, but it can stain your teeth. Coffee is also acidic, which can wear down enamel. If you want to decrease the damage coffee can have on your teeth, you should try to drink water afterwards, and try to avoid additives like sugar.

The good thing is, you can learn to enjoy some of these treats in moderation, and keep your teeth by visiting dentist in Stuart.

Now let’s take a look at some of the foods that can have an affect on your teeth:

Chips: Chips and dip are essential for entertainment, but they can lead to some unhealthy teeth. Chips are usually very salty, and deeps often contain sugar and other ingredients that won’t do your teeth (or body) and favors. Everyone loves a good dip, but we encourage moderation.

Popcorn: Terrel Owens famously said “get your popcorn ready” before an important game. While popcorn I delicious, it also tends to get stuck between your teeth, which can lead to cavities. If you really insist on eating popcorn, be sure to brush or floss soon after.

Barbecue: I nice barbecue session is always welcome, but be weary of your toppings! Ketchup, barbecue sauce, and other toppings tend to be unhealthier than you think. Enjoy your food, but be smart about what, and how much you consume!

At the end of the day, you should try to enjoy yourself during the NFL season. Just remember to try and stay healthy, and to visit your dentist in Stuart to keep your teeth clean!

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