Keep Your Family’s Teeth Healthy and Clean This Baseball Season

Baseball season is finally here! This wonderful time of year brings the opportunity for lots of fun, including bringing the family to the game. But as many baseball fans enjoy bad habits like chewing gum, drinking soda and eating Cracker Jacks as part of the “fun,” it becomes even more important to ensure that everyone keeps their teeth clean throughout the season.

Of course, it should all start with a visit to your family dentist in Stuart, as regular cleanings are a must for healthy teeth and gums, and even your overall health.

Taking care of your mouth and teeth with regular exams and cleanings lowers the risk of a wide range of disease and illness, as the bacteria that can build up on teeth makes the gums more prone to infection. The immune system then attacks the infections, causing the gums to become inflamed – and that inflammation spreads through the body, resulting in all types of health problems.

Regular teeth cleaning, generally means once every six months – which makes it easy to remember for baseball fans. Just schedule a cleaning with your family dentist in Stuart at the start of baseball season in early April, and again, at the end of the season in October.

Those regular cleanings will help prevent gum disease that causes that potentially harmful inflammation. It can also prevent advanced stages of gum disease that can eventually cause the bone that supports the tooth to be destroyed, which means the tooth will begin to loosen, and eventually fall out.

In between those cleanings, it’s essential to be diligent about taking care of your teeth at home, including brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. If you’re not sure how to do that, just ask your family dentist in Stuart.

Remember, those delectable sweet snacks you enjoy at the ball game can result in tooth decay. When bacteria is left on the teeth, it breaks down the starches from the foods we eat and drink, metabolizing sugars that form acids which demineralize the tooth surface, starting the tooth decay process.

Have fun at the game, but keep your teeth healthy too!

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