Important Tools for Good Oral Health: The Phillips Sonicare Essence and Regular Checkups

Good oral health is important for overall optimal health and well-being. Developing gum disease can be harmful as it is considered a major risk factor in developing a number of serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Tooth brushing helps to reduce, control or maintain a better intra-oral bacterial environment in order to battle things like periodontal disease, more often referred to as gum disease.

Of course, a toothbrush is an essential tool to help keep your teeth and gums in good condition. If you’ve been using a standard manual toothbrush, you might want to consider how your oral health might benefit from a better cleaning system.

A good toothbrush like the Phillips Sonicare Essence offers gentle cleansing action that helps to get deep between teeth and along the gumline for more effective cleaning. This model is not only fairly affordable, but it’s received many rave reviews from consumers who own it. Users love how fresh and clean their mouth feels after using it and some say they feel like they just left the dentist after each brushing.

Many dentists, like popular family dentist in Stuart, Florida Dr. Rita Medwid, recommend Sonicare toothbrushes like these to their patients.

The Essence model can also be used on braces, dental restorations and periodontal pockets. It cleans teeth well, is easy to use and replace the brush head, includes an accurate timer, and offers excellent battery life. The only disadvantages that consumers have noted is that it is a little loud and the vibrations may take some getting used to.

In addition to regular brushing and flossing, visiting a dentist regularly for exams and cleanings is a must for good oral health and overall well-being. In Southern Florida, a recommended family dentist in Stuart can help prevent problems like gum disease that can cause inflammation and ultimately lead to damaged gum tissues and more advanced stages of gum disease. When left unchecked, plaque builds up and begins to move further down the root of the tooth, destroying the supporting bone and eventually causing the tooth to loosen and fall out.

A visit to a family dentist in Stuart, along with regular brushing with a good toothbrush such as the Phillips Sonicare Essence, and flossing can help you maintain good health and a beautiful smile for life.

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