How to Help Your Kids Feel Comfortable at a Family Dentist in Stuart

When choosing a family dentist in Stuart, there are a few things that you can do as a parent to make sure your kids are comfortable and happy at their dental appointments. A few proactive steps on your part can go a long way to help your child to have a positive experience in the dental office.

Selecting the Right Environment

The office environment can make a big impact on the comfort and happiness levels of your child. If the office is warm and caring, then your child will sense that it is a good experience. Look for a family dentist in Stuart who offers a caring and friendly environment, such as the environment that can be found in Rita Medwid’s office. Many parents have been happy with the experience their family has enjoyed at Stuart Dental Spa.

Talk With Your Child

It is important that you prepare your child for their dental appointment by talking about the dentist at home. Before you schedule the appointment, set time aside each day to make sure that your child learns how to brush their teeth, and these moments offer great opportunities for you to teach them about the importance of dental health. When you are discussing dental health, you can help your child to understand how regular checkups at the dentist can contribute to maintaining healthy teeth.

You can also find activities to do with your child at home. Find picture books that talk about visiting the dentist, or look for coloring books that have pictures of teeth and dental offices. Talk with your child about the experience that they will have when they are sitting in the dental chair, and be positive and happy about the things that you are discussing.

Play Pretend Games at Home

If your child is young, you might consider playing games with them to help them be more comfortable opening their mouth and letting you touch their teeth. Have your child lay back and open their mouth, so that you can look in and count their teeth. Then switch roles, and have the child look into your mouth to see your teeth. This activity is a great way to prepare your child to sit in the dental chair when they visit a family dentist in Stuart.

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