How to Handle Holiday Sweets

The holiday season is sweet. I don’t mean sweet because we get to spend time with family, I mean it’s sweet. Starting on Halloween, to Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas, all the way through New Years, there are plenty of people that go on long stretches of practicing unhealthy eating habits. Because of the overindulgence in sweets and other unhealthy foods, it is important to remember to practice good oral hygiene.

The obvious solution is to abstain from sweets throughout the season, or at least limit your intake. We all know how good the sugar cookies taste, but it is important to remember what they can do to your teeth: sugar plays a big part and destroying tooth enamel. While not eating these sweets would be the most effective, some of us just really want to indulge in some holiday treats from time to time, and there is nothing wrong with that! So how do we keep our teeth clean?

In order to enjoy cookies and candies while still maintaining good oral health there are a few simple, easy solutions. The most important thing to remember, and perhaps the most obvious, is to brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes and flossing once a day. Those two things are the basic essentials to staying healthy during the holiday season. Once you have established a routine, you can add in different things like a tongue scraper or mouthwash. Mouthwash is commonly used, but it is important to use mouthwash correctly. Try not to rinse your mouth for about 30 minutes!

The other solution is to schedule a visit with Dr. Medwid either before, or after the holiday season. A good oral cleaning from your favorite dentist in Stuart, Florida can go a long way in keeping your mouth healthy.

Now go out there and enjoy the holidays in a happy and healthy way. Remember to make your appointment today to avoid a sugary destruction!

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