How to Find a Good Florida Dentist

If you haven’t been to the dentist in years or recently relocated and don’t have an established relationship with one, how do you find a good Florida dentist? Many people wait until experiencing tooth pain before making an appointment, which can make the task of finding a good dentist quickly even more challenging.

Whether you need a dentist immediately, or you’d like to be proactive and take care of minor problems before they become major, finding a good dentist will lessen the anxiety of going to appointments for everything from cleanings and x-rays to filling cavities and extractions.

Where is the best place to start?

  • The first place you should start when looking for a good Florida dentist, is to check is with friends, family, neighbors and colleagues in the area to find out if they can recommend a good dentist.
  • If you have a good relationship with a former dentist in another area, he or she may be able to recommend someone in the area you’ve relocated to. You might also try calling the local hospital, as they often work closely with several dental practitioners and office staff can be an excellent resource in locating the best Florida dentist.
  • If local referrals are not an option for you, the next best place to check is by conducting an online search. Many dentists have been reviewed on sites such as Angie’s List or Yelp, which can be very helpful. Search for dentists with websites that list their specific services, such as a spa setting or pain-free dentistry.
  • The yellow pages are another option, and you may be able to get a feel for what the dentist offers based on their ad.

Next step: Telephone inquiries

  • After you’ve created a list of dentists from recommendations as well as those you’ve found online and/or the yellow pages, you can begin to make telephone inquiries, asking lots of questions.
  • The staff should be professional, friendly and willing to answer everything you want to know; if they don’t have the answer, they should be willing to find out from someone who does. They should make you feel like you are important and will be treated with respect and with the utmost in care.
  • How long will you have to wait before seeing the dentist? This is a crucial factor, especially if you’re in pain or have another urgent dental need.

While finding a good Florida dentist may seem overwhelming at first, by asking good questions and doing a little research you can greatly increase your chances of creating a long lasting and happy relationship with the professional who will take care of your teeth.

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