How Sleep Dentistry in South Florida Can Benefit You

Are you a Florida resident who has been so fearful of going to the dentist that you continue to put off making those all-important appointments for cleanings and check-ups? You may be a good candidate for sleep dentistry in south Florida. Many people have at least some anxiety about going to the dentist, but for those who have a real phobia, the thought can be terrifying.

Often, that fear can mean putting off dental care for years, or decades, resulting in broken or unsightly teeth and even painful infections. There is thought to be an estimated 30-40 million people in America who don’t see a dentist due to dental phobia, and likely many more.

How can sedation dentistry help you?

Sleep dentistry in south Florida provides an anxiety-free experience for people with an intense fear of going to the dentist. It allows patients to feel safe and comfortable, even before getting into the dentist’s chair by using pharmacological agents or sedatives that relax the central nervous system.

Technically, this method is known as sedation dentistry; the patient does not actually go to sleep during the procedure; instead, the patient is conscious but very relaxed. In the past, IV or intravenous sedation was used, but today there is a much simpler and less invasive approach. Some techniques involve sedation through inhalation such as laughing gas or nitrous oxide or oral sedation, involving swallowing pills or a liquid.

Of course, it’s important to also engage the services of a dental professional like Dr. Rita Medwid at Stuart Dental Spa who is calm and understanding, as well as having the ability to put patients at ease in combination with sedation dentistry.

Are you a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

There are a number of people who might benefit from sleep dentistry in south Florida including those who:

  • May need to have a lot of dental work performed in fewer visits
  • Have a severe gag reflex
  • Have extensive treatment needs
  • May be unable to receive the effects of local anesthesia
  • Have physical limitations

To find out if you’re a good candidate for sleep dentistry in south Florida, call a professional sedation dentist like Dr. Rita Medwid at Stuart Dental Spa who will review your medical history and current medications to determine if this technique can help you.

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