How Sedation Dentistry Can Help Ease Fear and Anxiety Over Visits

Many people experience anxiety and fear about going to the dentist, but putting off going can negatively affect your oral health, causing fears to worsen as teeth and gums fall prey to decay and disease. Regular dentist visits can do more than keep your smile looking attractive, it can tell your dentist a lot about your overall health.

Recent research has suggested that your mouth health actually mirrors the condition of your body as a whole – so, if your mouth is healthy, there is a good chance your overall health is good, too. On the other hand, poor oral health can mean you have other health problems. By maintaining good oral health, you may even help prevent certain diseases and illness’ from developing.

But what do you do if you’re fears are preventing you from going to the dentist? Fortunately, there is a solution. A sedation dentist, like Dr. Rita Medwid at the Stuart Dental Spa understands that dental phobia is a real condition that prevents thousands of people from receiving the oral healthcare they need. Sedation dentistry provides an almost worry-free, painless experience, allowing you to feel safe and more relaxed through a calm, peaceful environment.

For those who avoid a trip to the dentist like the plague, going to a sedation dentist can reduce anxiety and allow them to maintain good oral health. Sedation dentistry can be used for everything from invasive procedures to basic teeth cleaning, depending on the severity of the fear.

If you’ve been putting off going to the dentist due to fear and anxiety, call a qualified sedation dentist who can help determine if you’re right for oral sedation based on current medications you may be taking, as well as your medical history. If you are a good candidate, the dentist will determine the proper medication you’ll need to take before the scheduled procedure. When it’s time for your appointment, your worries and fears about going will be virtually eliminated so that you can get the care you need.

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