How Dental Implants Can Give You New Teeth in a Day

For many years, dental implants have been the only option for many who had missing teeth. Traditional implants have involved placing the implants and then providing the tooth restoration after four to six months, in order for the bone and gums to completely attach to the implant. Obviously, the disadvantage with this is that it leaves the patient with missing teeth, or with a removable, temporary prosthesis. Most patients have found the timeframe to be too long and uncomfortable, frequently deciding to figure the idea of the implants all together.

Now, things have changed. What was impossible not long ago, can now be achieved. Permanent dental implants can be put into place within the course of just one day. No more having to wait all those months and go into the office for two or even more surgeries for permanent tooth replacements – or having to go without teeth during the extremely long restoration process.

With Teeth in a Day, otherwise known as Immediate Load Implants, you’ll only need to schedule in just a part of one day for permanently implanted teeth. This FDA-approved method gives you the same results as traditional implants without the long wait. In this procedure, the new provisional tooth and the implant post are placed during the same procedure, or within the day so that patients never have to leave the office without teeth. It’s the quickest technique available today for tooth restoration through implants.

Your implant supported replacement teeth will never have to come out, not for cleaning, regular home hygiene maintenance like brushing and flowing, or even during a medical exam. You can treat them just like you would your permanent teeth.

While many people are good candidates for Teeth in a Day, not everyone is. The first step to find out is to call for a consultation with Stuart Dental Spa. In order to determine if you can get your dental implants in a day, a complete diagnostic workup will be conducted along with a formal consultation with the dentist who will discuss your existing condition and all available treatment options.

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