How a South Florida Dentist Can Make You Feel Younger

Don’t you feel like a different person when you leave the dentist office after having your teeth cleaned? Imagine how you would feel if you had other procedures done to make your teeth look better.

Today’s cosmetic dentistry provides numerous options to improve the look and quality of your teeth. No matter what your issue, a South Florida dentist can help you look your best. With a new and improved smile, you will feel and look younger.

Take Years Off Your Face

With the right procedure, you can look like a brand new person. For instance, if you have damaged or chipped teeth, it can make you look older and feel self-conscious. You now have the option to have a South Florida dentist put veneers on those teeth to cover up the noticeable areas. Veneers are thin material that is placed over your own teeth to hide chipped or missing portions of your tooth.

If you’ve had crowns put on your teeth, veneers can make them look more natural. They use a translucent material that reflects light. This adds a luster to the tooth and gives it that sparkle that people talk about.

Improve Your Smile

Discolorations on your teeth or stained, yellowed teeth are a sign of age. This can happen naturally over time from lifestyle choices or it can be brought on by certain medications. Whitening your teeth can make a big difference in your appearance and make you look younger.

You have several options for getting your teeth to look their whitest. You can use Sapphire Whitening for your teeth; this will get your teeth up to 12 shades whiter in just an hour. This is an ideal option if you have a big event coming up like a school reunion or wedding to attend.

Another option that you can try with South Florida dentist Dr. Rita Medwid is called Snap-On Smile. This is an easy procedure that isn’t permanent to let you try out a new smile. With this procedure, a mould is made of your teeth to match your natural teeth. Then you are shown how to wear these new snap on teeth and how to care for them. It helps to maintain your face shape around your jawline that can droop and sag over time; it also provides a natural, whiter color.

You can find many options at a South Florida dentist to help your teeth look and feel their best. The result is that you feel younger and happier with your new smile.

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