How a Lumineers Dentist Can Help Transform Your Smile: Answers to Your Most FAQs

When someone takes your picture, do you always try to hide your smile? Many people who have discolored, crooked, broken teeth, or other issues have a habit of keeping their mouth closed as much as possible to avoid their smile from being seen.

In the past, there weren’t many good options, but today a Lumineers dentist has the ability to fix all of these problems and more in order to restore your smile – and your confidence.

What are the advantages of Lumineers over other dental treatments?

Lumineers utilize an advanced contact lens-like material that is very thin, unlike traditional veneers. They are extremely natural looking because the material is just .2 mm and completely translucent. There is little preparation required and the procedure is noninvasive unlike other veneer products which must be fused or bonded to the tooth.

Lumineers also leave your teeth more structurally sound and keep them intact, unlike veneer procedures that require grinding, cutting and removal of sensitive tooth structure.

Is the procedure painful?

This procedure is totally pain-free. Your Lumineers dentist will reshape and permanently whiten your teeth without shots or the grinding down of the original tooth structure. After the procedure is completed, patients do not experience discomfort or sensitivity; the Lumineers feel comfortable and look natural as soon as they are in place.

How long does the procedure take and how long will Lumineers last?

The entire process typically takes just two visits to the Lumineers dentist. The placement takes place on the second visit which lasts for an average of about one hour. Extensive testing has shown that your Lumineers smile will last for up to 20 years with no discoloration.

Can someone who needs braces get Lumineers instead?

For many people, Lumineers can replace traditional braces. By scheduling an appointment with the dentist, you’ll receive an evaluation that will determine whether or not orthodontics is necessary. If you don’t have a severe problem, Lumineers can help reshape your teeth giving them a more uniform, straight appearance in addition to a brighter, whiter color which isn’t achieved with braces.

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