How a Dental Spa Can Change Your Entire Dental Experience

If you haven’t heard about dental spas, the odds are you will soon. A dental spa can transform the way many patients feel about going to the dentist, all the way from dread to anticipation. They’ve been growing in popularity since their inception in the late 1990s when dentists wanted to create a warm and welcoming environment in order to ease the fear and anxiety of their patients.

Health benefits

dental spa can even offer health benefits to the patient by reducing their stress levels. The American Dental Association has recommended stress reduction techniques such as the methods used in dental spas, especially for patients with heart conditions or anxiety disorders.

Using these techniques can contribute to the patient’s safety and also makes the job easier for dental staff. A relaxed patient is easier to work with and also poses less risk of injury. For people who are sensitive to medications or would prefer a drug-free experience this is an excellent alternative to environments that rely heavily on tranquilizers and laughing gas.

The experience

dental spa experience changes what once was a tense appointment into a delightful and pleasant experience with lots of pampering while at the same time meeting all of your dental health needs. At Stuart Dental Spa, for example, the office includes a beautiful Feng-Shui design that focuses on peaceful harmony and balance in order to achieve a stress-free, restful environment.

Focusing on the patient’s entire well-being, and not just the mouth, creates a positive overall experience.

Additional options

While most patients are able to relax in the warm and comforting environment of a dental spa; not to worry – traditional options are also available for those who may need a little more de-stressing. Some offices, including Stuart Dental Spa, offer sedation dentistry as well.

The dentist will determine if sedation dentistry is available by reviewing the patient’s medical history as well as current medications. If the patient is found to be a good candidate for oral sedation, the dentist will select an appropriate anti-anxiety or sedative drug to be taken at a pre-determined time before your appointment. The medications include safe and widely-prescribed drugs that can diminish anxiety and help the patient relax.

Dental spas are becoming more and more common, especially in major metropolitan areas, with some estimating that five percent of dental practices are now offering these services with growth expected to continue. This is good news for the many patients who have suffer from anxiety at the thought of going to the dentist.

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