Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Local Dentist

Florida may not be covered in snow, but the holiday season is well underway. Now is the time to show friends, family and professionals how much you appreciate them. Choosing the perfect gifts for your loved ones is no simple task, especially with the wide range of options, plethora of sales and upcoming deadlines. It can be even harder to find the perfect item for professionals like your local Stuart dentist (ahem ahem) or any dental enthusiast in your life. Whether you want to thank your excellent family dentist or you have a friend who is an avid fan of dental health, here are some toothy gift ideas for this holiday season:

The Molar Mug. This uniquely- shaped mug is great for anyone who drinks, well, anything. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe, making it the perfect accessory for an office. It also makes a wonderful conversation piece, and adds some humor to a potentially stressful environment. Your local dentist will certainly get a kick out of this mug, and so will his patients.

Dental Pacifiers – You don’t need to be a tooth enthusiast to see the fun in a silly, grinning pacifier. Help out the new parent in your life with one of these hilarious and practical gifts this holiday season. They will surely appreciate the quiet, and the baby will thank you too!

Personalized Dentist Wooden Business Card Holder – If you’re looking to show your appreciation for your Stuart dentist in a more traditional manner, consider a personalized wooden business card holder. You can also choose other materials and styles, such as engraved leather or steel.

Ceramic Tooth Planter – Show your local dentist you appreciate his care with a handmade, tooth-shaped planter for his office. Fill it with some handy pens and paperclips, or plant a small indoor plant in the cavity to brighten up his space.

Dentist Appreciation Personalized Tumbler – This thoughtful and personal gift reads “I Create Beautiful Smiles, What’s Your Superpower?” You can even add your dentist’s name and a short personal message, as well.

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