Get the Best of Both Worlds: Dental Health Spa

The stress of work, family life, and the annoyances that come with each day can really wear a person down. Stress itself is often a contributing factor, if not the cause, of many ailments of the body as well as the mind. Poor dental health can be a double hit, as the ailment itself brings stress while the thought of a visit to the dentist can make many people feel even worse. The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, a meter developed by psychiatrists to measure exactly how stressful an experience is, rates poor health and injury as the sixth most stressful situation a person can find herself or himself in, coming just behind experiencing the death of a family member. That’s a fact that stands to reason. It is also a fact that getting the healthcare you need, especially dental care, can feel almost as stressful. It can be a case of the cure being worse than the disease, if you are a dental phobic or have dental anxiety. Caught between the stress of poor dental health and the stress of going to the dentist, you need a third option. Dr. Rita Medwid’s Dental Health Spa in Stuart, Florida has the answer. Dr. Medwid has created a space for healing the body as well as the mind. Literally a dental spa, her offices are organized according to the tenants of Feng-Shui to maximize relaxation while minimizing stress.

Combining a dentist’s office with a spa meant for recreation and relaxation may seem like a unity of polar opposites, but it actually makes perfect sense. You would come to a dentist for many of the same reasons you might come to a spa: to improve your health and well being, to receive medical attention for a specific ailment, and for maintenance of your body. A traditional spa may offer more in terms of relaxation and pampering, while a dentist’s office would offer more procedures to correct a fault with your teeth. That is why the combination dental spa is so effective. The strengths of the one balances the weaknesses of the other. Indeed, the Dental Health Spa is primarily about balance. It is a place where a patient can balance the needs of the body and the mind.

Let go of your stress with the aid of Dr. Medwid’s Dental Health Spa. You can receive the medical attention you need with the atmosphere of relaxation you desire. The dental spa experience creates a cycle that begins with good dental health, leading to less stress, which in turn leads to even better health. With the weight of your dental health off your mind, you can return to the bustle of everyday life with a little less of a burden on your mind.

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