Fad Diets Can Be Damaging to Your Teeth

There are many fad diets that people follow nowadays, because they claim offer quick weight loss results. They may seem great if you want to lose a significant amount of weight and are time constrained, but be wary. Most people do not realize how harmful these diets can be for your body. One such diet is juicing, which, as the name suggest, involves consuming juices only. This diet may be popular with celebrities, but it is extremely harmful for the teeth. An average cosmetic dentist comes across many cases where teeth have been damaged by such diets.

How Juice Cleansing Harms Teeth

Teeth are meant to face citric acid in juices and other corrosive substances in food. But the tooth enamel can get severely damaged when people go on a juice cleansing diet. There is one main reason for this: even though teeth are meant to handle citric acid corrosion, the amount of citric acid that attacks the teeth is excessive. The correct way of consuming citric acid is with the fruit itself. This way you not only consume citric acid, but also the fruit pulp which is fiber. The pulp neutralizes the effect of the acid and teeth are not harmed.

Citric acid from fruit attacks teeth in the same way soft drinks do. Additionally, the excess consumption of fruit juices can cause uneven spikes in your blood sugar level. This can cause additional health problems. You can try the juice cleanse for a certain amount of time, but you have to be careful to prevent your teeth from any harm.

Minimalizing Risk with Juice Cleansing

If you are absolutely set on using the juice cleanse or any other fad diet, you should make sure to take care of your teeth. With the Juice Cleanse, you should drink the juice with a straw. This way only a small amount of juice or soft drink will come into contact with your teeth.

If you have damage to your teeth due to a fad diet, you should consider scheduling an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists can treat all kinds of damage to your teeth and can even perform restorative dentistry if your teeth are severely damaged. From dental implants to reconstructive procedures of the mouth, you can get anything done. For those of you in Stuart, Florida, Dr. Rita Medwid is the best cosmetic dentist around!

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