At Stuart Dental Spa, our priority is to provide a comprehensive service that helps your family enjoy a lifelong habit of dental health and beauty. That’s why Dr. Medwid and our team do everything that we can to make each visit a positive experience. When you come through our doors, you’re immediately met by warm, personable staff members who are all there with one purpose: to give you the help and information you need. Our office is designed to promote a feeling of harmony. We want to get know each member of your family, and we want them to get know and trust us. Family dentistry experts recommend two visits a year for good dental health for everyone. Following that recommendation is much easier when your family members know whom they’re going to visit.

Visits to the family dentist can be especially tough on a young child. All the noise, the strange furniture, the weird equipment, it can be pretty frightening for the smaller members of your family. But children soon relax as they spend time with Dr. Medwid and her child-friendly manner. She and the staff at Stuart Dental Spa make it a point listen to the concerns of each member of your family – including the youngest. As familiarity grows, fear evaporates and each visit to Stuart Dental Spa becomes less intimidating for not only your child, but also for all the members of your family. We want you to be more than just relaxed when you come to see us; we want everybody in your family to leave their appointments feeling a little pampered.

So if you are looking for a family dentist who takes the time to make you and your kids feel comfortable, then it might be time to give Dr. Medwid a call and schedule a consultation. Stuart Dental Spa is Florida’s premier practice for exceptional dental services including regular cleanings, teeth whiteningshort-term orthodontics, and more!

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