What if you could change your smile and your teeth in just a single day? What would have sounded impossible a short time ago is now achievable. With new dental technologies, now available in Florida, you can have permanent dental implants within the course of one office visit.

It used to take four to six months to restore the smile, the comfort and the confidence that comes with healthy, white teeth. People used to have to come to the office for two or more surgeries if they wanted permanent tooth replacements. During that period, they would have to use temporary bridges or dentures, or even go without any teeth altogether while the long restoration undertaking occurred. It seemed like forever before you received your new teeth. Not anymore.

With Teeth in a Day, also known as Immediate Load Implants, you only have to dedicate a part of one day to get permanent implanted teeth. It is the quickest technique for tooth restoration through implants available. This FDA-approved method gives you the same results as the traditional dental implants that take months complete.

The Advantages of Teeth in a Day

  • Immediate results and use of your new dental implants
  • No prolonged procedures that take months
  • Safe, FDA-approved methods

Not everybody is a good candidate to receive new teeth in a day. However, for those who are, the quick, dramatic results are without parallel. Isn’t it worth finding out if this procedure is for you? For a consultation and to find out more about Teeth in a Day, schedule a consultation with Dr. Medwid today!