If you are searching for a pediatric dentist in Stuart, Florida, look no further. Dr. Medwid and her team know the ins and outs of pediatric dentistry from your child’s first visit, all through childhood. Setting up a lifetime of proper oral health is important, and that means bringing your child to a pediatric dentist early on. Dr. Rita Medwid recommends bringing your child in when he or she turns 1 for their first dental exam. This is will a very friendly visit which will culminate in your child getting to ride in the dental chair and meet Mr. Thirsty and Mr. Drill. Getting a child comfortable with the dental equipment is a big part of pediatric dentistry.

A great pediatric dentist has specific traits that that lend themselves to working with children. They are:

  • Patient
  • Kind and Approachable
  • Good at educating parents and young children alike
  • Compassionate
  • Flexible – every child is different after all

Dr. Medwid and her staff will sit with you and make sure to answer any questions you have about pediatric dentistry, as well as set up a timetable for follow up visits ensuring a great foundation for your child’s oral health. The friendly atmosphere at the Stuart Dental Spa makes it an ideal pediatric dentist in Stuart, Florida where you and your children will feel comfortable from the year 1 visit straight through their teen years.

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