Your smile says more about you than any other physical feature. Often, it’s the first thing people notice about you.

Opalescence whitening is one of the teeth whitening options offered by Dr. Rita Mediwid. Opalescence reduces the discoloration of the enamel, making the teeth whiter. A growing number of people opt for this method because of the immediate results.

Causes of tooth discoloration

Some of the common causes of tooth discoloration are regularly consuming substances that stain the teeth like tea, coffee and tobacco. Some medicines that contain fluorides may also discolor the tooth. Certain antibiotics are also known to cause tooth discoloration.

How long do the results last?

The results will last for a long time as long as post whitening instructions are followed with care. After the Opalescence teeth whitening procedure, make sure to properly brush and floss the teeth, and take good care of your teeth, which will significantly prolong the life of the results. However, if you do not take dental hygiene seriously, the results may disappear in matter months.

Are there any side effects of Opalescence whitening procedure?

Opalescence tooth whitening is a very safe procedure and in most of the cases there are no side effects. In rare cases, some people may experience increased tooth sensitivity to cold food items. The side effects generally disappear within a few days.

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