Dental crowns have been playing a very important role in enhancing the looks of our teeth for a long time. With advancements in cosmetic dentistry, the materials used for making dental crowns have evolved. Currently, various types of dental crown are available –

  • All – Ceramic dental crown
  • All – Metal dental crown
  • Porcelain & Metal dental crown

Ceramic Dental Crown – Ceramic dental crowns are similar to real teeth in appearance and that is the reason they are used for front teeth. Ceramic dental crown cost may be less than metallic crowns and this type of crown is popularly used all over the globe. Dental porcelain crowns are not as strong as metal crowns but they have an advantage over metallic crowns because of their appearance.

Metallic Dental Crown – This type of dental crowns can be made up of gold alloy, chromium alloy, or nickel alloy. Getting a dental gold crown typically increases the cost of dental crown procedure. Metallic dental crowns are most suited for back teeth. Metal dental crowns wear out less than ceramic dental crowns. Some people may be allergic to certain metals and in such cases porcelain dental crows are preferred.

Porcelain & Metal Fuse Dental Crown – Since porcelain dental crowns are attractive and match perfectly to your teeth, while metal crowns are stronger, a combination of the two has been developed. With these hybrid crowns, a body of porcelain is applied and bonded onto a metal structure.

Generally, dental crowns have a life of 5-45 years and a dental crown procedure is a very good option for anyone who has chipped, damaged, or weak teeth. Dental crown cost varies with the work involved.

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