Dental Implants are Becoming More Affordable with Cosmetic Dentistry in Stuart, Fl.

Dental implants are becoming more and more popular, as they offer a more permanent solution to tooth loss. Have you ever known someone who lost a tooth or multiple teeth to gingivitis, decay, or injury? For years, the only thing dentists could do to fix a lost tooth was to put a bridge in or use dentures. Today, there is a much better way of providing you or someone you know with any form of tooth loss by using dental implants.

Dr. Rita Medwid, who is a dentist at a cosmetic dentistry in Stuart, FL, is a highly experienced dentist to perform dental implants surgery. Her office believes in and promotes dental implants because they are safe and strong. Since Dr. Rita Medwid’s practice specializes in cosmetic dentistry in Stuart, FL, she and her staff closely examine your health profile to figure out which form of dental implants would be perfect for you.

The most successful form of dental implants is called Osseo integrated implants, which are basically titanium fused into the tooth bone. There is another form of dental implants called fibro integrated implants, which are less popular than Osseo integrated implants. It is a safe and very effective form of dental implants in which Dr. Rita Medwid’s cosmetic dentistry in Stuart, FL has become known for.

Although many may believe that dental implants would be very expensive because they are permanent and require surgery, Dr. Rita Medwid’s practice guarantees that they are becoming more and more affordable to everyone. The price varies based on the materials used to implant the titanium.

Dental implants are so popular today because unlike dentures or a bridge, they are comfortable, they do not alter the sound of your speech, you can eat much easier, and because of this you enjoy higher self-esteem and a confidence in your smile. If you lost a tooth, or multiple teeth at some point in your life to either gingivitis, decay, or an injury, wouldn’t you love to have your smile back and feel confident and beautiful about it? Dental implants may be perfect for you if you are looking for a long-term solution to your teeth and Dr. Rita Medwid’s dental practice may be the perfect place for you.

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