Brushing Right To Keep Your Teeth For Life

Thanks to improvements in dental care over the years, including better at-home care and in-office treatments, more people than ever are keeping their teeth beautiful and healthy throughout their lives. As you probably already know, the most important things for maintaining good oral health are to brush and floss regularly, and visit your dentist in Stuart, FL for regular checkups.

The majority of problems in the mouth are caused by plaque, which is a sticky layer of microorganisms, food particles and other organic matter that form on the teeth. It’s the bacteria in plaque that produces acids which cause cavities. It can also lead to gum disease, which is a serious condition that can destroy tissues that surround the teeth and erode bone.

Your best bet for maintaining good oral health is to ensure that plaque is removed daily, before it can build up and cause problems. While brushing to remove plaque seems simple enough, the reality is, many people aren’t doing it correctly. That’s because most of us learned to brush our teeth when we were children. We’ve stuck with the same method into adulthood – and, often, it’s not the right way. Removing plaque without brushing too hard and damaging the gums is essential, and also a bit tricky.

While there are a number of different and effective ways to brush your teeth, including the modified Bass Stillman’s, Charter’s and Roll Brushing techniques, a professional hygienist can show you the method he or she believes would be best for you.

The modified Bass technique is one of the most popular, and effective methods for adults, though children find it more difficult to manage. For kids, going to the dentist or dental hygienist who specializes in family dentistry is the best way to determine the most effective way to brush.

Adults can be shown just how to brush using the modified Bass technique as well. This method has been found in scientific studies to be significantly superior to normal tooth brushing practices for removing plaque and preventing or controlling periodontal disease. The best brush for utilizing this technique is one with soft nylon trim bristles and end-rounded filaments – if you aren’t sure you’re choosing the right type, give Dr. Rita Medwid a call. She specializes in family dentistry in Stuart, FL and will help guide you to the best brushing techniques!

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