Are Lumineers Right for You?

If you have already decided to undertake some procedure to correct, whiten, and improve the appearance of your teeth, or if you know you want a whiter smile but haven’t found just the right option yet, or if you are just idly considering something to refresh the way your smile looks, then you should first consider Lumineers. Though perhaps not for everyone, Lumineers provide a safe, quick, relatively easy procedure to dramatically change the appearance of your teeth with a non-invasive procedure that is both anesthetic free and pain free. Think of it as your best alternative to intense chemical bleaching or surgical reconstructive surgery.

You will, of course, need to consult with your certified lumineers dentist to be certain the procedure is right for your teeth, but think about what it is you want for your teeth and what Lumineers can offer. Your dream smile might be perfectly straight and gleaming white, but what about durability? Undertaking a whitening procedure that only lasts a few years, months, maybe even weeks is a waste. But if it takes as long to get the procedure as you get to enjoy it, it may be too time consuming. And anything that leaves your teeth brittle or sensitive might be more trouble than it’s worth. What you need is a quick procedure with real, lasting results, no pain, and no side effects. Lumineers has all this going for them and more. The procedure only requires two visits, so you’ll have your perfect smile in no time. It causes no pain during either of your visits, and you should experience no discomfort at any time in between visits or afterwards. Your pain-free smile will stay with you, as well. Composed of a patented porcelain made to be exceptionally strong, your new teeth will outlast your expectations by far. Expect to have a beautiful smile for up to 20 years without chipping, cracking, or discoloration.

The procedure itself involves placing thin veneers over your natural teeth, a procedure which usually does not require a reduction to your teeth. You keep your teeth intact, adding only a completely natural-looking new layer to straighten, correct, and whiten your teeth. The porcelain sheath is so thin that it mimics the translucence of your natural teeth, making it appear as if you’ve had a million dollar smile your whole life. If Lumineers seems like the right fit for you, get in contact with a certified lumineers dentist. And if you happen to live in South Florida, give Dr. Medwid at the Dental Health Spa a call; her record of success is second to none. You will absolutely not be disappointed.

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