5 Tips for Preventing Sugar Overload on Halloween

While it’s best for kids to avoid unhealthy treats as often as possible, indulging a little on special days like Halloween won’t do a ton of damage to their bodies, including their teeth, providing they regularly eat a nutritious diet, but going overboard is another story. Consider these tips for preventing that and enjoying a happier, healthier Halloween that your pediatric dentist in Stuart is sure to appreciate.

Fill them up with good stuff first

Before they go out to trick-or-treat, be sure your kids eat a complete, healthy meal. That way they won’t start inhaling all those goodies when hunger pangs hit. Ideally, you should cook up something with plenty of protein and fiber as well as some healthy fats, to ensure they stay full for the duration.

Establish rules

If you don’t already, set clear limits by establishing rules about how much they can eat, if any, while they’re out if you’re not with them to supervise. If they snack on the go, it’s easy to lose track of just how much they’re eating. For a number of reasons, including possible tampering, it’s best to ask them to wait until they return home before consuming anything.

Focus on other activities too

Don’t make Halloween just about sugary treats. Carving pumpkins, telling spooky stories, watching a scary movie or even creating a haunted house all make for lots of hauntingly good fun without doing damage that their pediatric dentist in Stuart will have to work hard to correct.

Plan ahead

One of the best things you can do to prevent children from going overboard with Halloween candy is to plan ahead. Talk with your kids about what they’ll do when they bring home that full bucket, pail or pillow case. Give them some options, such as whether they’d like to enjoy it slowly, or maybe even exchange it for some type of non-food treat. You could even decide on an exchange rate ahead of time and let them “sell” you their loot!

Set a good example

Remember children do as you do, and not as you say. That means you shouldn’t gorge yourself on the candy that you pass out to trick or treaters, or eat most of the candy they bring home either. And, not only should they be going to their pediatric dentist in Stuart regularly, but you should be getting regular dental checkups too.

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