4 Situations That Might Require the Care of an Emergency Dentist

Most people assume that the only time they will need to visit the dentist is for their dental cleaning and checkup twice a year, but sometimes other situations arise that require a visit to an emergency dentist. Dental emergencies may include situations such as:

A toothache or pain in the mouth – Pain can be the indication of a serious problem such as an infection or an abscess. Visiting an emergency dentist will help you to identify the cause of the pain and treatments that can be used to stop the pain.

A broken tooth – Sometimes accidents happen which cause a tooth to crack. It can happen as the result of biting into something hard, an old filling that has weakened the tooth, or knocking the tooth in a way that causes it to chip. Schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible, because repairing the tooth can help you to avoid additional damage.

A tooth fell out – In rare situations, a person may have a tooth fall out if it is hit hard enough by something. When a tooth falls out, time is of the essence in order to save the tooth. Rinse the tooth gently in water and then store it in a glass of water or milk to transport it to the dental office. Immediately schedule an emergency dental visit, because delaying the appointment may result in the inability to save the tooth.

Jaw injury – If the jaw is inured, then it could potentially have an effect on the teeth. Jaw injury requires an emergency visit as well, in order to prevent additional problems.

If you have concerns about your dental health at any point, it is always best to call the dental office to determine if you need to schedule an appointment. All of the situations listed above require an emergency visit, and there are other causes that may need immediate treatment as well.

When selecting a dentist, rest assured that you can trust Dr. Rita Medwid and the staff at Stuart Dental Spa to be your emergency dentist in Stuart Florida. Dr. Medwid is experienced in emergency dental work and she understands how to effectively treat emergency situations when they arise.

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