4 Reasons to Visit Your Stuart Dentist Regularly

Your dentist has probably talked to you about the importance of routine visits and going to the dentist twice a year, in addition to explaining the correlation between your dental health and your general health. Unfortunately, many people fail to heed this good advice and end up paying more financially and with poor health over the long run.

Here are just 4 reasons why shouldn’t miss visiting your Stuart dentist on your regular basis.

Clean teeth

The first reason is rather obvious – you probably want clean teeth as it’s an important part of looking good, but it also helps you to maintain good dental health which can prevent many future problems. Even if you are diligent about flossing and brushing each day, it’s not enough. It’s important to do it the right way, and your Stuart dentist will show you the correct way to effectively maintain dental health and hygiene in addition to cleaning your teeth to remove dental plaque and tartar build up which can’t be done at home.

Addressing tooth decay in the early stages

Visiting the dentist regularly will help you to avoid dental issues like decay and gum swelling. Initially they may be minor problems but if not addressed quickly they can lead to major dental problems. Your dentist can help heal these ailments before they get out of hand.

Diagnosing gum disease and other dental diseases

Many people experience gum disease which exposes health teeth to tooth loss and other serious ailments. Regular dental visits will help diagnose problems at an early stage to cure them before doing severe damage.

Oral cancer is another problem that afflicts thousands of Americans each year, and with an early diagnosis, your Stuart dentist could save your life.

Preventing heart attack and stroke

Research has shown that by getting your teeth professional cleaned and scaled, it can reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke. This may be because teeth scaling reduces inflammation-causing bacteria and improves blood vessel function which helps to keep blood flowing properly.

Inflammation in the gums might also trigger inflammation in the heart. While this hasn’t been proven definitively, it’s best to play it safe and there is little doubt that keeping gums healthy is an important part of overall health.

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